Community Outreach

It is with great pleasure that we announce the launch of the community outreach portal Pahal, a unique interaction platform that brings together organisations looking for volunteers to conduct social activities and volunteers who wish to contribute to these activities based on their interests and in different capacities. The Community Outreach Portal (CoP) is also branded as Pahal, Parichay and Parinaam to indicate the stages of a social initiative (initiating, introducing, and impact, respectively).

Unique Features: 

1. Profile Build-Up – Users can create their profiles and highlight their earlier contributions/activities.
2. Project Creation – Organizers can create custom projects and activities to specify exact requirements.
3. Automatic Intimation – Interested collaborators get automatic email updates of activities; organizers are automatically intimated of interested collaborators
4. Feedback and Tracking – Both organizers and collaborators can give feedback about each other on their experiences.

How to Use: Every member/entity can create their profile (using gmail logins) as an Organization (i.e. an entity that conducts events) or as a Collaborator( i.e. a member/entity that wants to volunteer and help out in the social events). You can key in your profile details and explore the various projects and activities therein and select the ones based on your interests. While, organizations can create projects (longer term plans) and activities (short term events within a project), collaborators can select their preferred activities (Explore Pahal – How To  for a step by step guide).

Launch Stages: We are launching the portal within IIMA first to give an opportunity to the different Clubs and community members to pursue IIMA’s CSR initiatives (Please find attached the brochure). Based on the feedback, we would widen the reach of the portal to city, state and national levels.

Do write to us in case of of any feedback and suggestions on the portal!